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1. Introduction

Delcartes LLC (“Delcartes”,” “we,” “us” or the “Company”) has issued this Global Data Protection and Privacy Notice (“Notice”) to describe how we handle personal information that you (“you”, “your”, “user”) may provide to us.

This Notice sets out the personal information that we collect and process about you, the purposes of the processing and the rights that you have in connection with it. We respect the privacy of individuals and are committed to handling personal information responsibly and in accordance with applicable law.

2. Types of Personal Information We Collect

We collect basic information from the mobile app that is available from the operating system public interface. Two type of data is collected by the app software: A) purchase transaction logs and receipts, B) Software function usage events and logs.

We may collect the following information:

3. Security

All internet networking and URL requests are encrypted HTTPS SSL connections. The network transactions this app performs are: (1) requests for map data files downloads in compressed and HTTPS formats, (2) plain-text pings (no data, empty contents) to for network availability, (3) geocoding search requests that are transmitted using only secure HTTPS URL transactions, (4) event usage logging, if not opt-out, over SSL connections, (5) Apple App Store purchases and receipt logging over SSL connections. The App ID is unique for Delcartes to your device which is an anonymous 128 bit number provided by the device operating system and may change from restore of the device operating system.

4. Purposes for Processing Personal Information

4.1 Purchase logging, verification and restoring. Cannot be opt-out. Data is sent during a purchase transaction or to restore prior purchases. No personal information is sent. The App ID is recorded for the logging.

4.2 Software function usage for testing and product improvements. Can opt-out.

5. Opt Out

Purchase transaction and logging, verification and restoring is not opt-out.

It is allowed to opt-out for disabling data collection for software function and event usage by the app software. The default setting is opt-in. To opt-out, run the iOS “Settings” app and select the Delcartes apps, and under options switch ON “Event Logging Opt-Out”. This does not opt-out purchase transaction logging. When on, it stops logging and uploading of further software usage events and logs.

6. Business Partners

We will never sell, rent or disclose to unaffiliated third parties your Personal Information unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so. We do not sell or disclose any of your Personal Information with third parties except for:

7. Controlling Your Personal Data

You can request correction, update and deletion of your Personal Information via e-mail sent to:, and we will use reasonable efforts to answer your requests. To update or delete your Personal Information or correct an inaccuracy, we may ask you to verify your identity with providing the unique vendor identification number (“app ID”) for the device and cooperate with us in our effort. The app ID can be obtained from the app Manual in the settings menu located at the end of the User Manual & Help document. The app ID is a UUID number unique on for each device and unique for the software vendor which may not identify all of your personal information collect from other devices or if the app ID changed on the device from an operating system restore or update.

8. Data Retention

Personal Information will be retained no longer than necessary in relation to the business purposes for which such Personal Information is provided and to fulfill legal requirements.

9. Updates To This Policy

We reserve the right, in our discretion, to make changes to any part of the website or this Notice.  We may change Notice from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are aware of any changes. This Notice is effective from November 27, 2018.

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